Accessory Buyer’s Guide

What accessories do I need?

Most of our tables are equipped with the main accessories needed to start your bodywork. We also offer a wide range of additional accessories, oils, lotions, creams, and hot stones. Many new bodyworkers purchase a few accessories—common items among bodyworkers purchasing their first table are table covers, massage oil, bolsters, and massage tools—to help them start their practice. We also offer various package deals containing both tables and accessories which offer everything a therapist needs a discount.

Will your headrest fit my table?

The pages describing our headrests contain their dimensions to allow you to determine if they will fit your table. Our standard headrests fit all of our tables except MasterLite headrests which have thinner rods.

What is the difference between your fixed, multi-adjustable, and ergonomic headrests?

The fixed headrest has solid rods which do not pivot. The adjustable headrest is quite flexible and can pivot to a wide range of angles. It is suitable for most bodyworkers. The ergonomic headrest is contoured to fit the ergonomic pillow. Together, they provide the same amount of flexibility as the adjustable headrest while providing a greater amount of support by distributing the weight of your face more evenly. The ergonomic headrest and pillow is ideal for therapist whose clients will keep their faces in the headrest for long periods of time.