Discount Massage Tables

In addition to our regular inventory of affordable massage tables and chairs, we also stock a large variety of demonstration/floor models and as well as phase-out models. We mark these models as "A" and "B" quality massage tables and chairs and offer them to you, our valuable customers, for an incredible discount.

We carefully inspect and repair every "A" and "B" massage table and chair to ensure each is free from functional defects. Every model comes with our signature 30-day, money-back guarantee and our 10-year guarantee against leg-and-frame defects. These are cheap massage tables and chairs in price, but not in quality! Check back often as our inventory changes frequently.

We have two versions of these discount massage tables and chairs:

"A" Quality Massage Tables and Chairs:

The cosmetic flaws in our "A" massage tables and chairs are minor. Normally, these flaws are not noticeable and do not substantially affect the esthetic of these beautiful, professional tables and chairs.

"B" Quality Massage Tables and Chairs:

"B" massage tables and chairs are also 100% functionally intact, however, the cosmetic flaws on "B" models are more obvious.

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