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Welcome to the educational corner! Whether you're looking for general massage and bodywork information, product instructions and detailed techniques, DIY self care or business tips, browse our varied list of health and wellness articles. We strive to learn more every day and are excited to share the latest news, ideas and research buzz with you.

Health & Wellness

Current News and Research to Help You Feel Great and Live Better

Health & Wellness covers a variety of issues that relate to optimizing your health. Whether you're looking for the latest information about alternative treatments for chronic disease or troubleshooting a common ailment, these articles are meant to share current research to inform, empower and promote well being. Learn more about the many ways that integrating massage therapy and bodywork in your life can heal and boost wellness.

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Massage & Bodywork

The Latest Industry Trends and Advancements to Inspire and Inform

Our Massage & Bodywork includes articles that introduce various bodywork modalities, ancient methods and modern approaches. From reflexology to cold stone massage, learn more about specialized techniques to incorporate in your practice and life. A beginning primer that offers introductory guidance, let these informational articles inspire your work and curiosity.

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Exciting New Tools to Transform Your Sessions

Topics in the Products category spotlight innovative massage tools to support and deepen your practice. Home enthusiasts and seasoned professionals can take a closer look at the latest products and tools designed to prevent injury, promote self care and enhance treatments. These articles introduce a wide range of inventive supplies for use at home or work to complement your therapeutic sessions, build your repertoire and improve technique.

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Home Massage

Professional Tips for Personal Therapeutic Use At Home

Get expert recommendations for healing care at home from our Home Massage category. These DIY articles are meant to inspire, encourage and support your self care in the privacy and comfort of home. Whether blending massage oils or building intimacy, professionals divulge simple tips and tools for exploring the benefits of massage therapy and integrating it in your every day life.

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Expert Advice for a Successful Practice

Owning a successful practice requires a lot of heart, hard work and practical business savvy. The goal of our Business category is to share helpful information from peers and industry leaders. From social marketing insights to customer service advice, these articles are meant to be an informative resource to strengthen your entrepreneurship whether you are considering the vocation or interested in ideas to grow your established business.

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