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Portable Massage Table Comparison Chart

Memory FoamWeightWorking WeightAdjustable BackFaceport & PlugShiatsu ReleaseReiki PanelsDual Headrest/Accessory OutletsRounded CornersHeadrest & PillowMade in USA?
Eco-Basic28"72"24"-34"1.5" 28 lbs.440 lbs.     Standard 
Eco Classic - 28"28"73"24"-34"2" 32 lbs.485 lbs.  ✔   Standard 
Eco Classic - 30"
30"73"24"-34"2" 33 lbs.485 lbs.  ✔   Standard 
DuraLite - 28"
28''73"24"-32"2" 24 lbs.440 lbs.   ✔   Standard 
DuraLite - 30"30''7324"-32"2" 26 lbs.440 lbs.   ✔   Standard 
AirLite BodyChoice27.5''73"24"-32"2.5" ✔26 lbs440 lbs.   ✔  Standard 
Multi-Purpose29"73"24"-34"2" 39 lbs.600 lbs. ✔  ✔  Standard 
Multi-Purpose Deluxe30"73"24"-35"3" ✔47 lbs.600 lbs. ✔ ✔ ✔  Ergonomic 
Oval Deluxe30"  77"24"-35"  3" ✔40 lbs.600 lbs.    ✔  ✔ Ergonomic 
Flattop BodyChoice28"73"25"-34"3" ✔39 lbs.600 lbs.   ✔ Ergonomic 
Ayurveda Oval Deluxe31"79"27"-36"2" 44 lbs.600 lbs.   ✔  Standard,
Feldenkrais33"73"16"-24"2" 37 lbs.600 lbs.   ✔  Table Extender 
AluLight28"72.5"24"-32"2.5" ✔25 lbs.450 lbs.     Standard 
AluLight Deluxe28"72.5"24"-32"2" 35 lbs.450 lbs. ✔ ✔  ✔ Standard 
Premier BodyChoice31.5"73"24"-35"3"       
Custom Craftworks Athena30"73"25"-35"3" ✔34 lbs.650 lbs.  ✔ ✔   Standard
Custom Craftworks Pregnancy30"73"25"-35"3" ✔42 lbs.650 lbs.  ✔    Standard


Carrying Cases

1. Standard Carrying Case includes a non-padded shoulder straps; there is no side pocket.
2. Deluxe Carrying Case includes a padded shoulder strap and a large side pocket.
3. Standard Traveler Carrying Case includes a non-padded shoulder strap; there is no side pocket. It has openings in the bottom to accommodate wheel option. Extra handle located on the top corner to roll tables with ease.
5. Oval Deluxe Carrying Case is oval-shaped and comes with a padded shoulder strap with no side pocket. Extra handle is located on the top corner to roll tables with ease.
6. Custom Craftworks Carrying Case comes with one large pocket and a padded shoulder strap. The pocket gives you more than enough room to bring everything you need.
7. Custom Craftworks 36" Carrying Case comes with three pockets and a padded shoulder strap. one pocket is large enough for a full 8" round bolster, and another is sized for lotions and oils. More than enough room to bring everything you need!


1. Standard: Adjustable headrest with a flat face and high-density, small-cell foam padded face pillow
2. Ergonomic: Adjustable headrest with a curved face and memory foam face pillow
3. Shirodhara: Face pillow that is designed to collect oil and allow it to pour into a container below