BestMassage Offers the KP-2 Organic Cotton Bolster from Evron

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, adds Evron’s KP-2 100% Organic Pillow along with a matching 100% Organic Pillow Case to its website.

Chicago, IL, March 30, 2012

BestMassage is adding a new product to its line of organic offerings—this time Evron’s KP-2 100% organic pillow made from 100% organic cotton and a natural fiber cultivated from the seeds of the kapok tree announced Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage. “We are tending towards more organic and environmentally friendly materials in our massage table and massage supplies. Not only is there an increased consumer demand for these types of products, but we also take our responsibility to the well-being of the earth and its inhabitants very seriously,” says Buechler.

The outer shell of the KP-2 Pillow and its matching Pillow Case are made with organic cotton that Evron asserts has not been in contact with any pesticides, which Evron claims can be detrimental to your health. The stuffing inside the pillow is derived from a natural tree seed from the kapok tree. The kapok tree is indigenous to Amazon rainforests and Evron says not only does its presence play an important role in sustaining the rainforest eco-system; its cultivation also helps employ the native people. Evron affirms organic material is superior because not only is it free from pesticides it also more comfortable and less likely to trigger allergies than the synthetic variety.

The KP-2 Pillow claims to have several uses—as a bolster during massage, a lumbar support in the car and office, or a comfortable place to rest your head at home-- to name a few. The pillow comes in white and is available in two sizes; the larger one that is 24 inches long with an 18 inch diameter and the smaller one that is 17 inches long with an 18 inch diameter. You can even remove some of the kapok stuffing from the pillow to customize your comfort. The KP-2 pillow with matching pillow cases retail for $49 and $39 for the large and small one respectively.

“As the world becomes more environmentally conscious so do we,” claims Buechler. We are committed to partnering with suppliers that limit the use of dangerous pesticides and other environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Look for products like this from BestMassage in the future.

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