Over 2000 Likes for BestMassage on Official Facebook Fan Page

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has nearly 2,100 likes on its official facebook fan page according to Marketing Manager, Peter Wang.

Chicago, IL, May 24, 2012

Since joining facebook in April 2011, BestMassage officially has more than 2,000 “likes” and over 100 people “talking about this” on its facebook page. “Facebook is a wonderful way to connect with our customers,” says Peter Wang.   “It’s so fun to read the responses to our questions and find out what our clients are talking about and what massage products they like!”

Wang revealed that when BestMassage first joined facebook, it took a little time to for customers to comment and respond to questions he posetd on the site. “In the early days, we didn’t have much response to our postings,” he said.  But things picked up quickly from there as more people found out about the facebook page from press releases and mentions of it on BestMassage.com. “Soon, more people were “liking” us and we started to get many more responses and comments to our questions.” 

Wang said that the company tries to post every couple of days to keep BestMassage fresh in his customers’ minds. BestMassage posts everything from questions like, “How do you promote your massage business?” to inspirational quotes that focus on mind-body wellness. “We also like to post testimonials about our great customer service and massage supplies as well as make announcements about company news, or let everyone know about our upcoming sales and promotions.”

“Most importantly we love to hear what’s important to our clients. We post questions like, ‘How long are most massages you give?’ or ‘What’s the best massage you’ve ever had?’ so we can find out more about whom we are selling to,” said Wang. “Recently, we posted a request for a guest blogger for our BestMassage blog and we got a good response from our users. It will be exciting to see what they come up with.”

You can like BestMassage by going on facebook.com/BestMassage.Store or going to BestMassage.com homepage and clicking “Like” on the Find us on Facebook link. 

About BestMassage

BestMassage is proud to be a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited organization with a BBB Rating of A+. Having over 10 years of experience and knowledge behind us, we are committed to offering massage therapists and those who care about health and well-being a complete line of high-quality massage supplies and products at the best prices possible with exceptional, friendly service, and fast shipment. Detailed information on the company can be obtained by visiting http://www.bestmassage.ca/