Spa accessories & Supplies

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  • Hot Towel Warmer

    Get Hot Towels in an Instant. Equipped with a UV Sterilization Light.

    Our Price : $159.00
  • Warming Pads

    Available in Standard or Fleece

    Our Price : $45.00
  • 48-Pc Disposable Headband with Velcro Closure

    Sanitary, Disposable Headbands for Spa Treatments. Available in packs of 48.

    Our Price : $24.90

    Special Price: $16.90

  • 12-pc Spa Towels

    Extra Thick, Extra Durable

    Our Price : $12.90
  • Electric Diffuser

    This Compact Diffuser Fills Small Studios or Offices With Your Favorite Scent

    Our Price : $25.90
  • Thai Herbal Body Compress Balls

    Available in Three Exclusive Herbal Formulas Created for BestMassage by Traditional Thai Massage Experts

    Our Price : $12.00
  • BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser

    Add Your Favorite Essential Oil and Spread Some Magic in the Air!

    Our Price : $34.99
  • Nail Studio Set

    Get a Beautiful, Professional Gel Acrylic Manicure at Home!

    Our Price : $59.00

    Special Price: $39.00

  • Bottle Holster

    Easy, Hands-Free Access to Your Massage Oils, Lotions, and Creams

    Our Price : $9.00
  • Measurement Glassware

    Blend Your Own Oils, Lotions, and Creams with Complete Accuracy

    Our Price : $2.99
  • Massage and Bath Salt Package

    Perfect way to rejuvenate your skin

    Total Value: $16.75

    Special Price: $12.00
  • Vanilla Massage Salt

    Reveal Fresh, Vibrant Skin

    Our Price : $5.50

    Special Price: $2.25

  • Aloe Massage Salt

    Reveal Fresh, Vibrant Skin

    Our Price : $6.50
  • Rose Bath Salt

    Luxuriate in a Romantically Delightful Bath

    Our Price : $5.50

    Special Price: $3.25

  • Mango Mandarin Bath Salt

    Luxuriate in a Citrusy Delightful Bath

    Our Price : $6.50

    Special Price: $4.75

  • Glass Cupping Jars

    Ideal for Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Our Price : $1.90