Sheets and Covers Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right cover for your massage table can be a challenge. This guide is intended to help you compare different factors such as comfort, price, and convenience so you can decide which sheets and covers are best for you.

Disposable vs. Washable Covers

Washable covers are soft, comfortable, and attractive. Best of all they can be used over and over again so they don’t create waste. They are good for massage therapy and high-end salons. Disposable covers are convenient and cut down on the time and expense of laundry. They are ideal for high-volume environments and procedures that can ruin washable covers.

Comparing Disposable Massage Table Covers

Three-Ply Disposable Sheets: These covers are the most absorbent and most costly out of our three disposable cover options. They are softer than the Disposable Paper Rolls, but not as soft as the Non-Woven Rolls. The Three-Ply Disposable Sheets are pre-cut in dimensions of 72"L x 40"W.

Non-Woven Rolls: These are the softest and quietest disposable table cover option. They cost more than the Disposable Paper Rolls but less than the Three-Ply Disposable Sheets. They absorb slightly less oil than the Disposable Paper Rolls and less oil than the Three-Ply Disposable Sheets. They are perforated at 3.3' intervals and are 27.5" wide.

Disposable Paper Rolls: These covers are the most affordable disposable cover option. They absorb slightly more oil than the Non-Woven Rolls, but less oil than the Three-Ply Disposable Sheets. They are not as quite as comfortable as the other disposable covers and can make a crinkling paper noise. They are not pre-cut or perforated and measure 27" wide.

Comparing Washable Massage Table Covers

Flannel: Flannel table covers are generally softer and warmer than poly-cotton covers, yet cost a bit more and are more prone to shrinking (follow wash/dry directions to minimize this problem).

Poly-Cotton: Poly-cotton covers are normally less expensive, smoother, cooler, and are less prone to shrinking than flannel covers.

Keeping Your Massage Table Linens in Optimal Condition

Here are some tips to keep your massage table linens looking and feeling great for months and years to come.

Consider the Oils You Use: Use oils that are specially designed to minimize stains. Consider one of our favorites, Biotone Clear Results.
Don’t Wait to Wash:  We recommend washing oil-stained sheets as soon as possible. Washing sheets within 24 hours of when they were stained makes it more likely your sheets will come out cleaner.

Pre-Wash: Our all-natural, pre-wash stain remover (coming soon) is ideal for removing oil stains. Spray it directly on oil spots right after a massage session to maximize its effectiveness. It it’s a tough stain, use the stain remover in a pre-wash soak. For older stains, try soaking the sheets in a diluted pre-wash treatment overnight.

Use the Right Detergent: Most detergents are not effective enough to clean oil stains by themselves. Adding OxiClean or an anti-grease dishwashing soap can increase the effectiveness of regular detergent in a wash. The best option is using a detergent that is specially formulated to remove oil stains, such as our all-natural laundry detergent (coming soon).

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: If stains don’t come out of your sheets right away, repeat the cleaning process before putting them in the dryer.